SimplyTapp to Gane

From the beginning until now

SimplyTapp History:

In 2010, Samsung introduced the first Android phone with NFC capability. Seeing the incredible potential that NFC had held for banking and payments, Doug Yeager and Ted Fifelski founded SimplyTapp in Austin in 2011, with the goal of making mobile NFC payment technology a reality for card issuers.

The next year, in 2012, Doug and Ted coined the term “Host Card Emulation” to describe the software architecture that did just that. HCE creates secure, identical card representation on a mobile device for the purposes of payments, transit and access.

Today, SimplyTapp provides technology enabling issuers and developers to leverage mobile devices for proximity payments and other real-world transactions. The technology that SimplyTapp provides powers payment functionality for Android devices for card-issuing banks and provides a simple and secure transaction environment for industries including retail, transit, ticketing and hospitality. To learn more, download The ABC’s of HCE.

SimplyTapp has raised more than $10 million in funding from Verizon Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Blue Sky Capital.

SimplyTapp launches Gane:

SimplyTapp was created to provide businesses with the ability to adopt tap-and-pay functionality for Android devices at the point-of-sale, securely, at a low-cost and while retaining control of the customer experience.

Experience taught us that consumers were looking for a streamlined mobile payment experience, where they could share, or redeem an offer, and complete a transaction in one place. With this, the idea for Gane was born.

Doug Yeager

CEO and Co-founder

Doug focusses on the team and the product.

When he is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, cooking, and watching football.

Ted Fifelski

President and Co-founder

Ted oversees marketing and business development.

Brooke Rigby


As the marketing whiz at Gane, Brooke is responsible for creating content and campaigns, planning events, and working with outside consultants.

When she is not overusing sticky notes at the office, she is most likely trying to train her East German shepherd.

Seth Louey


Seth is the product design expert on both application implementation and brand direction.

Born and raised in New York, Seth came to Texas with his fiancée and three dogs to see what the life of southern hospitality had in store for him.

Tom Fifelski

Product and Support

Adept in the art of product development, Tom also drives technical customer support and marketing initiatives at Gane.

He enjoys riding bikes and likes to feel the wind in his beard.

Krysta Maples


Krysta is our office administrator and is head-honcho for maintaining office schedules, market research, and assisting in all things Gane.

While notorious for hoarding salt shakers at her desk, Krysta also holds the title for overfeeding her already overweight Chiweenie dog.

Josh Pavlovich


As the Android lead, Josh is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Android application and supporting libraries.

Outside of perfecting his work, you can find Josh spending time with his family or cheering on the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

Richard McClellan


Richard leads the development of the iOS application and is avid about having a great user experience.

He is considered a mobile savant, but Richard also once ate at IHOP 33 days in a row.

Miles Ressler


Miles is passionate about the server-side development of Gane, but is now dipping his toes into the iOS waters, as he always says, “no pain, no Gane.”

While he is widely popular for bringing sweets in for the office, he is also quite well known for having his home constantly destroyed by his golden retriever.

David Barron


David knocked our socks off as one of our first participants in our intern program. He works on a range of things including creating a collection of offers with geospatial data.

He spends most of his “me time”, as he calls it, learning new coding languages and being disappointed by his hometown sports teams.

Kevin Kozak


Kevin and the rest of the server side team deliver cloud service infrastructure and beautiful APIs at breakneck speeds.

When he is not commandeering the office Chromecast with his infamous "Yacht Rock" playlists, Kevin is probably working on his concert discovery website written in Python.

Matthew Huckaby


Matthew leads development of the server side applications, DevOps, and infrastructure.

When he is not herding cats and helping to keep the lights on at the office, he enjoys running, hiking, and spending time with his family.

Bob Seitsinger


A dexterous mobile developer, Bob is responsible for driving the development of the Gane iOS app.

Bob has been a software developer for a while and when he is not implementing the latest feature of the app, he is most likely with his family or ruminating on life’s big questions.

Josh Durbin


Part of our Bay Area team, Josh is most often working on backend services, infrastructure architecture, and reliability to keep Gane running.

Josh is a jack of all trades; his interests range from traveling and "racing bicycles in the dirt" to tinkering with electronics, and even building large, functional art installations.

Ming-Li Liu


Part of our Bay Area team, Ming is the resident card applications expert, focused on developing HCE payment solutions.

Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, coin collecting, and gaming.

Viral Desai


Part of our Bay Area team, Viral is a Java engineer responsible for developing payment and other related features for Gane.

He loves watching aircraft landings and takeoffs; it is how he kills time during a long layover.