Create Valuable Relationships

Gane believes the most meaningful connections with consumers requires an interactive experience that can only be found in the physical store or shop environment.

Engagement Starts on Mobile

Today, 95 percent of purchases start their journey on a mobile device, but 90 percent of purchases actually takes place inside the physical store environment; this reality creates the need for a more unified shopping experience.

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Connecting Digital and Physical Shopping

When using Gane, merchants are able to connect with consumers throughout their entire shopping experience; your store can reach consumers on their mobile devices and share action-oriented incentives with them to drive sales directly into your store.

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Drive Traffic into Your Stores

Gane operates a mobile application that gives its users the ability to transition seamlessly between online and offline shopping through incentives that apply at the point sale via Apple Pay and Android tap & pay while we give merchants the ability to grow sales through real-time campaign and customer loyalty management.

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See the Gane Difference

Gane gives your brand the ability to influence consumer behavior throughout their entire decision making process via incentives distributed real-time through the Gane app and across any digital mediums.

This enables brands and retailers the power to present a value-based message to consumers through the delivery of more relevant messages to encompass better customer feedback, stronger customer re-engagement, and, most importantly, increased in-store sales that are completely trackable.

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